I wish I didn't have to fundraise [500k Day 16]

Being honest, I wish I didn't have to fundraise. It's a lot of work spending time asking for money instead of building this church plant, learning this city, and reaching people here in Bellevue. 

In my mind, I try to hold unhelpful thoughts captive. 

"I wish I got the funding other church plants got right off the bat"

"What if $500,000 just falls out of the air?"

"I wonder how much my left kidney is worth"

These thoughts creep up on me, and I try to keep my "Why" in perspective. I'm doing this to serve Jesus and carry out His great commission. There is no sacrifice that outweighs my thankfulness. And, where I didn't have a lot of money before, different people are rising up and sacrificing to fund us. 

When I keep a right perspective, overall, I am thankful for this process. It's teaching me skills and perspective. The miracles of money coming at the right moments are stories I will tell my grandchildren (grandchild, back in my day...). Knowing that we worked hard to launch this church brings great ownership and empowerment. We are working hard for the great commission with so many people contributing. 

But, if someone handed me all money we needed, I would quickly take that money and use my time to work on directly reaching this city for Jesus. 

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