We Rather Have People [500k Day 18]

We rather have people than money. If you're following our journey and sense something stirring inside of you to come out here and join us, please talk to us. 

Yes, our goal is to raise $500,000 to support us over 3 years. We have other goals as well. We want to recruit a launch team of 40 people to help us start a congregation from scratch here in Bellevue, Washington. Another goal, we have, is to launch with over 200 people at our first service. 

Yes, it takes money to launch with over 200 people. But, way more than that, it takes people. As people call us and tell us that God is stirring them to consider partnering with Kalos, we are thrilled. In fact, two churches in Michigan are planning on bringing missions trips here to help us spread the word about Kalos Church right before our launch. A girl just visited us from Maryland because she was stirred by our vision (we had never met before she flew out here). We want to reach lots of people with the Gospel and nothing draws a crowd like a crowd. Yes, we need money, but we also need children's minsters, musicians, greeters, graphic designers and people to help us with setting up. We need people to help us lead people to Christ, and make inroads with the city. 

We have a big vision, and would love to talk to you directly if you're interested in helping us advance the Kingdom of God here.