Autism is Expensive [Autism + Nala 5/30]


Diagnosis. Diet. Occupational Therapy. Doctors. Speech Therapy. Supplements. ABA Therapy.

We have spent thousands of dollars (while church planting) in setting up Obi for success. As we’ve asked for general prayer, I’m incredibly grateful for people who financially invested in Obi’s future wth no strings attached. Healthcare in general while starting a non-profit is extremely expensive, but adding all of this extra stuff—not even including the research and books and time costs—is a massive burden.

When I lived in Korea, private healthcare was so inexpensive—anybody could afford it. I remember doctors telling me I didn’t have to use the emergency room every time I visited, and if I made an appointment for check ups, I’d save a lot of money. The bills I paid for emergency room visits during a few bouts with Tonsillitis were approximately $15, so I didn’t mind paying for an emergency room. That was with no insurance.

Now, with really high insurance premiums, deductibles, treatments and the speech therapy (that insurance doesn’t cover), this diagnosis is costing us a lot.

Praise God for people who have given generously to help with all this. My heart goes out to people who aren’t able to afford what is available for their kids with Autism.