Getting in Therapy [Autism + Nala 6/30]


Once Obi received his second official diagnosis for ASD, we had the hard job of getting Obi in therapy. Since it was summer, most schools were at capacity or unwilling to take students. Amreitha and I talked to dozens of schools on the phone, filled out dozens of applications on websites, and drove to every school we could find near our home. Just getting Obi into a classroom setting required us to work full time hours. The number of kids with ASD seems to be growing and a lot of these centers can’t handle it. As a parent, you have to fight hard to get in.

My heart goes out to those without flexible schedules. If Amreitha and I didn’t both work from home, I don’t know how we could have gotten Obi into a school.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk more about the miracle school we found.