Miracle School [Autism + Nala 7/30]


After spending thousands of dollars for the diagnosis, we were unable to find a school for Obi. With the increased amount of ASD in America, schools were at capacity.

My wife Amreitha and I visited, called and begged schools to let our son in. We heard from other parents that “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” so we squeaked like crazy. Eventually, Amreitha reached out to a school called “Jigsaw Junction” in Kirkland, Washington. Our son had just been kicked out of a daycare program because of several poop smearing situations and we were desperate.

Amreitha begged for them to let us in. After many tears, and to our surprise, they held a spot for Obadiah and actually accepted our insurance. We met them in person and shared our story. We shared we were told Obi couldn’t improve. Jigsaw Junction said it was okay for us to hope and they believed our son can have a bright future. I asked if they’d kick our our son in the case of a poop smearing situation. They laughed and said they would never kick Obi out for something like that—they’d help him overcome it.

We cried and cried for their kindness and availability. This school truly is an answer to prayer.

Tomorrow, I’ll share about what they do and how impressed we are with their process.