Jigsaw Junction [Autism + Nala 8/30]


The best thing I can say about Jigsaw Junction (Obi’s Applied Behavior Analysis School) is that the staff loves him. Amreitha and I feel like we have competent allies helping us care for Obi.

Jigsaw provides each student with a personal teacher in a classroom setting. This allows for Obi to get individual attention and the opportunity to socialize with other kids. They break down social skills into small increments and help students to accomplish them without failure. Teachers literally utilize a fail proof curriculum by using hand over hand techniques to ensure success (even if the kids would not be able to accomplish a task alone).

Since attending, Obi has regained eye contact, the ability to point, play catch, say words, and communicate using a picture exchange (a book with word pictures he can point to). Not only that, they are currently potting training him!

After each class, I get a one on one meeting with his teacher for 10 minutes. I get to see, with numerical data, what he did well and what he struggled with and how I can help at home. We usually laugh about funny things Obi did and marvel together when he responds to his name or says a word. Never once has a teacher been apprehensive or too busy to talk about Obi with us. Like I said, they really love him and try their hardest to help him gain life skills. I’m so thankful for Jigsaw Junction.

Also, it’s refreshing and comforting to see other parents and kids who deal with the same ASD issues as us. Every morning, I interact with parents from all over the world (it feels like the festival of nations) and their kids. We update each other and small talk about our kids without having to explain the nuances of ASD—to us, it’s just normal life.

Almost daily, Amreitha and I praise God for Jigsaw Junction.