3 Reasons Why You Should Brag About Weaknesses

I used to have warts all over my feet.

It was a weakness that I hid all the time.

There is a murderer in the Bible that said he took pride in his weaknesses. I'm thinking, he must not have had warts.

What does it look like to be proud of weaknesses?
"Hey, Man! I'm not good at sports! Jealous?"
"Check this out! I can't do this tenth push up!"
"Whoa! I'm too self conscious to pursue my dreams! Sweet!"

Why would a murderer be  proud of his weaknesses?

In this week's sermon, I talk about warts and three reasons why we should boast in weaknesses.

Paul the Apostle says in 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 that

 "I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong."

Our instinct is to hide our weaknesses, but Paul bragged about them.

He was able to boast in weakness because of the following three reasons:

1. He realized that life wasn't about him
2. He realized in his weakness, he was strong
3. He realized that God uses his weakness to put to shame the strong

I encourage you to listen to this sermon with an open heart, and challenge you to let God look good in your weakness as He uses the unlikely to do incredible things.


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Selling Your Future For A Moment Of Pleasure

A man in the Bible sold his leadership position for a bowl of soup.

Many of us think we would never trade the opportunity to be a king or president for one bowl of soup.

But is that true?

In life, I've seen people time and time again sell their future for a moment of pleasure.

We don't have to live this way. There are 3 lessons that we can learn from the life of Esau, so our destinies are not sacrificed for a moment of pleasure.

I have a childhood friend that took calculus math classes before he was a teenager.

He was smarter than the rest of us, and had a great destiny.

He started skipping classes, getting high and partying as much as possible.

Now, he's dead.

Things don't always play out this extremely, but it did in my friends case. Instead of taking care of the talents he had, he started giving into moments of pleasure here and there.

This sort of thing happened to a guy named Esau in the Bible until he lost his destiny.

Listen to this sermon to learn from His Mistakes and understand the three reasons he failed.

What are you most tempted to sacrifice your destiny for?

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Is God the Voice in Your Head? [Podcast]

There are several voices in my head, but I'm not crazy.
You're probably dealing with the same thing.
We all have at least four voices in our heads:

  • God's
  • The Devil's
  • People's
  • Thoughts

Many of us are confident we'd follow whatever God says, but we're not sure if we actually heard from God. In this sermon, I explain 5 tests to determine if I heard from God. 

Click the following link to listen:

How do you figure out what voice you are hearing? Leave a comment.

Speak, For Your Servant Is Listening Part II [Video Sermon]


After preaching, "Speak, For your Servant is Listening," about listening to God, I preached Part II concerning the ways God speaks to us. I identified 11 ways that God spoke to people in Scripture. 

Ever get lost trying follow a GPS? That's probably because you didn't know what the final destination looked like. It's easy to pass the building or site your trying to find if you're not exactly sure what to look for. The same pattern applies to hearing the voice of God. If you don't know how He speaks, it'll be a lot easier to miss His voice.

So, in this sermon I give a context for God's voice from Scripture in order for us to more easily recognize what God is saying. 

I hope that you will learn from this message and use it to seek God's voice more in your life. 

Check it out.

Called to Greatness--The Motofest Challenge [Video Sermon]


Last night I spoke a message to one of the rowdiest crowds ever. We experienced about a 50 person growth in our ministry, got kids hopped up on candy, and had them screaming with excitement. Many of these students experienced their first time in church that night and were simply excited to be in such a stimulating environment. I love speaking to crowds with energy! I'd take a rowdy crowd over a dead crowd anytime. Sometimes it's difficult and the speaker feels like he or she is talking over dozens of conversations. Eventually students finally get pulled into God's message and awesome things begin to happen.

In this message, I spoked about God calling us to greater works. No matter how pathetic people think we are, or how pathetic we think we are, God has awesome plans for us. Next week, in our youth ministry, we're throwing an event called MOTOFEST. This event features an X Games Gold Medalist, the Detroit Pistons Parkour Performing team and Highland, Michigan's largest beach ball dance party in history! Best of all, we'll preach the Gospel, and I believe God is going change a lot of lives!

We shared that inviting your friends to church, to MOTOFEST, is an opportunity to participate in one of the greater works Jesus says we can do--preaching the Gospel! The students responded and some felt like they were supposed to invite over 100 of their friends. We are stoked, and looking forward to what will happen next week.

Check out the video below.

Ignited 9-20 from Josh Johns on Vimeo.

Speak, For Your Servant Is Listening [Video Sermon]

One of the reasons I'm so excited about ministry is moments like this. A whole row of girls crying, an altar full of hungry people, and God working in all of our hearts. This message impacted a lot of people in Highland, Michigan and I pray it will help you.

This is what the message is about:

 Many of us try to follow God, but we're not still sure how to hear His voice. He has the answers to all our problems, but most of our prayer time is spent with Him simply listening. While God is a great listener, in the same way He spoke the whole world into existence with one word, He can change our realities with one word. In this message, I challenge young adults to begin the process of hearing the voice of God.

Check out the Video below,


Speak for Your servent is listening Podcast from Josh Johns on Vimeo.

What To Do When You're Lost [Podcast]


Last week, our Ignited students started a new school year. I remember being a freshmen and getting lost a lot. I hated that. Now, I'm trying to help the students know what to do in the case they get spiritually lost in this school year.

Click the link below to listen!