Last week, Kouwai requested a couple shoot with her Fiance, which was perfect since I wanted to add "engagement" type shots to my portfolio. Unfortunately her fiance couldn't make it due a funeral scheduled for the same time.

We shot at the Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis, MN. I live about 5 minutes from the place, bike by it everyday for work, but had no clue it existed. It's a beautiful area and a perfect place for a photoshoot or date (blind folded my GF and only took it off right in front of the falls for a surprise date).

Still getting used to the D7000. I feel like I have a few focus issues. Not sure if it's because of the backfocus stuff that some people had problems with or I'm not focusing with the camera properly. Not everything is out of focus, so I'm leaning towards it being my issues.

Anyways, shooting with Kouwai was a blast. She has a very unique look. She's a combo of African, Phillipino and Chinese. I hope we can shoot again.


Though it was raining, I did a photoshoot with Nadyia Jawahir and Tina Simons in Rosemount/Lakeville today.  Thankfully, my friends at Gilmour Creative, let me shoot in their studio.

This model contacted me on Facebook to do a shoot about three weeks ago and we made it happen.

The studio was a very small room, but I got some good results with my strobes. I was nervous using a studio type setting because I've never done it before. I love shooting outdoors, but didn't get to because of all the rain. Every inch of that room was used thoroughly as we climbed over chairs, stands, and tables.

My strobes were placed carefully in corners of the room to prevent to much "spill" from the powerful lights. It took awhile to get the lighting to feel right to me.

And, of course, by the end of the shoot, the sun came out.

More importantly, I worked with D7000 for the first time. It's a great improvement from the D80 I've been using. They are both DX cameras, though the D7K is a huge improvement. Even though it can't compete, I still love my D80. 

The team worked really well today despite the tough elements.

We had a blast shooting, and I give props to all who were involved--especially my lovely girlfriend!

Here are some of the first edits. 


My full-time job is the achievement coordinator at a public charter high school in St. Paul. A month ago, I decided to create a magazine with the students. This would create opportunities to know the students, mentor a few and create an excellent representation of the school.

Today, I took a few students out on a shoot. They are in the magazine because of their crew (Illusionari Ent). The four boys in the pictures are part of the Jerkin movement--a style of dance out of California. 

The shoot only lasted 15 minutes, but we got some cool shots in. 

It was kind of a nice break from fashion photography. Jumping, dancing and all that is fun to shoot. 

Maybe I should go after bands for more photography opportunities. This would also be a great way to get Brown Folk in the music scene door.

Check out this video of them.


Over the past couple of years  I've been learning photography, and I love the new experiences it gives me. Within a year of starting to take pictures, I worked for a magazine in Korea. That magazine called on me to document certain events and aspects of the Korean culture I would have never known if not for them. Now, I'm freelancing for a magazine in the Twin cities, and feel like I'm seeing things that I would have never seen without photography.

Last week, I shot a Fashion Runway Show. This whole environment is kind of strange and a little intimidating. Every non model that walks in is constantly adjusting clothes and hair to make sure nothing is out of place. I didn't have a backstage pass for some reason, but I was able to make friends fairly fast and while a security guard turned me away from the VIP area, the show organizer chewed him out and I got a pass. Perfect timing.

The models are primarily young, and I realized there is not reason for me to be intimidated by 18 year olds. With the backstage pass, I began eating the food and walking more confidently--my girlfriend did the same. 

I met a lot of the other photographers and easily noticed that I had the most outdated and least expensive equipment. Oh well. During the show, I got to know all the photographers and was impressed by how friendly they all were. Shooting the runway with them was fun, but the actual photography was a little boring and mechanical--definitely not my favorite type of shoot (if I'm only trying to get the tradition runway shot).

It's a different world with all the clothing, models and "MN Glamour." I'm glad I got to see it. 

Here are some of the pictures I took:


Yesterday at family time, I once again realized how humor is natural over the dinner table. Every once in awhile, my family asked me if I was practicing new stand up material. Upon hearing that question, I immediately wished I had my Moleskin and pen.

The comics life is always observant.

If anything, this BLOGRIMAGE is helping me to observe the world with witty eyes. Another thing I'm learning is how to rewrite stories so that they are funny. My ten minute stories often go down to 1 minute after revisions, which is kind of sad but the nature of stand up comedy.

Here are some more photos I edited!

FASHION [stand up comedy BLOGRMAGE: DAY 24-27]


Sorry I haven't blogged about comedy the last few days. I've been busy with fashion photography and some other side pilgrimages (a blogrimage without the blog) I've been doing!

I'm doing an open mike tomorrow (hopefully)!

Saturday was a big photography day. I worked with the Former Miss Teen USA MN (pictures posted below) and then did runway photography for a magazine later that night (video above).

All in all, it was a bunch of new experiences for me. I've never been to a runway show, and like with comedy, got introduced to a whole new subculture. I love new experiences like that.

There are whole worlds of society I have no idea about.

Seeing fresh experiences like this gives me a lot of material for comedy, so I also welcome these new events for tangible reasons as well. Plus, I got to meet a ton of new photographers. They were very nice, inviting and had way better equipment than me. Oh well. I'll just keep growing with what I have.


Korean Doll Shoot

Two weeks ago, at my school in Korea, I saw a girl who looked and acted like a cartoon character. This was perfect because I set a goal to take a Korean on a shoot before I left (only two weeks left!).

We had a lot of fun on this shoot. She had never done anything like this and started off really shy, but within 5 minutes she was posing all over the place. Check them out below. Let me know what you think.


Korean Baby Shoot

Shot a Korean-Canadian Baby. It was fun. They parents brought me to an ultra-cute baby studio. The place included clothing, props, sets and staff to make the baby smile. Typically shooting babies isn't by deal, but I had fun. This baby was a blast.

I wanted the pictures to be soft and extra bright (this how Koreans like media, so I thought I'd try it out).

What do you think?

My First Korean Press Conference

“Are you able to take pictures of a famous American Musician?” said the text I got last night from my magazine editor. Beyonce, Guar, Sandy Patty and Justin Timberlake are a few of the artists I prepared to shoot. What a great opportunity--maybe Beyonce would consider critiquing my dance version of “Single Ladies,” I thought.

Turns out, I’d be shooting a press conference for Brad Little, a musical actor who has starred in Phantom of the Opera, Jekyl and Hyde, and Avatar (apparently this is also a musical). This man accepted the honorary ambassador position, sang a few songs with mayor of Daegu, and answered the musical-frenzied-fan questions and appeals to present bouquets of flowers.

By the way, Korean fans are passionate, obsessed and hilarious. Even the most respectable men melt into the giddy Korean girls I take pictures of.

The Daegu International Musical Festival (DIMF), the organization sponsoring this conference lost their official photographer moments before the event. So, in addition to being the only foreigner, amongst Korean Dignitaries, I became the official photographer! Pretty Sweet. This meeting held important people from all over the region, and me. In addition, I got the chance to meet Brad Little and connect because of our ties to Meegook (America).

This proves that adventure lurks around every corner in Korea, unlike Beyonce.

Here are some pictures.

The Studio in Korea

A couple weeks ago, I got the opportunity to shoot newly graduated girls in Korea. In addition to being my first studio shoot, it was also my first time to work with giggly Korean girls. One of my favorite things in life is when various groups act out the stereotypes they are often accused of. These girls did power anime poses, similar to Sailor Moon, giggled and blushed and all the other traits asian girls carry (supposedly). Working with these guys was a blast--here are three pictures.