THE END [Jumping Rope Blogrimage: Day 30 of 30]

I set my rope on fire.

Commitment doesn't beckon my jumps tomorrow. My routine, interdependence and jumping friend is no longer a self inflicted obligation.

Sometimes when I'm about to finish a series or show, I prolong watching the last episode because I don't want it to end. I feel this way now.

Even though it's just been jumping rope, I have gone on great adventures doing so. I've seen progress in my body, skill and discipline. Also, people around me have taken up jumping as well.

My next post will be about my reflection and stats.

I'm thankful for all the people who have BLOGRIMAGED with me and the funny stories, life changes and entertainment.

There will be more, and I will update you all on my next post!

Setting my rope on fire represents the purging process of entering the new. Josh Bibeau also challenged me to do so, and now he has to do any challenge I dare him. Any ideas?



1. 2 Tripple Unders
2. 46 Double Unders in a row
3. 1400 jumps

Here's the latest pic of my body (I used special lighting).

END EVE [Jumping Rope Blogrimage: Day 29]

Where has this month gone? Is this truly the last day we can talk about what we will do tomorrow on this BLOGRIMAGE?


I have a task for tomorrow and this is why I bought a new jump rope. As a response to Josh Bibeau's challenge, I will jump over a flaming rope. Somehow I have to gain access to gas or excessive amount of hairspray to set my rope on fire. Then, I will jump into a new day--purged by the fires of jumping rope.

I'm stoked.


1. 1500 revolutions
2. New Jump Rope

NO BASEBALL GAME [Jumping Rope Blogrimage: Day 28]

Today I woke up for breakfast downtown, traveled there and back and chilled with Amreitha. We watched a sweet movie called CHOCOLATE by the same people who make my favorite fighting movies (Protector, Ong Bak).

This movie is about an autistic girl that turns out to be amazing at fight. I love this upcoming girl actor. They call her Tony Jaa's little sister. Tomorrow I think I might watch her movie called RAGING PHOENIX.

I jumped today and worked up a sweat. Honestly, I wish I had more time to jump. I will make some.


1. 1400 jumps
2. Watched a sweet movie called Chocolate

RISING ART COMMUNITY [Jumping Rope Blogrimage: Day 27]

What a great day!

Today I had a magazine photo shoot for an upcoming market in Korea. This market used to thrive back in the day, but now it's desolate with a few very old sellers and very old buyers. Because of its slow death, artists began buying all the inexpensive property. Musicians, painters, sculptors, photographers, craft makers formed a group together to revitalize this market. They got government grant money and the media involved to get this market up on its feet.

With the presence of the old sellers and the young artists, this community has a rare blend of the older and younger generations--with not a lot in between. I love it. I watched little kids learn metal working, painting and sculpting from grandmas and grandpas.

I made new friends and great art connections. On top of that, two painters painted me! It's awesome. You should go. It's called the Bangchon Market.

Oh, I jumped there two. Even got some claps.


1. 1200 jumps
2. New friends
3. Art community portraits

BASEBALL ROPE [Jumping Rope Blogrimage: Day 26]

This Friday night I lived out great fun. Fun in a Koren baseball game and fun in a Korean double date. Both first time experiences!

Korean baseball is packed with energy, cheers, cheerleaders, squid and potatoes. The game lasted 14 innings with the Samsung Lions taking the victory (from my city). Honestly, it was the most fun in a baseball game I've ever had (without playing). 

The finished game opened up to a new adventure: Korean double dating. Through this experience, I learned a lot about the dating culture, some sweet phrases and a new great place to eat. 

Then, I capped the night with jumping. Check out the vid.


1. 1000 revolutions
2. Jumped in front of a Korean Baseball game

STRONG LEGS [Jumping Rope Blogrimage: Day 25]

My legs feel strong today. All this jumping consistency made 1000 jumps feel like nothing at all. The whole cycle is completed in less than 10 minutes, while it used to take close to 40.

Today I filmed a cyber class and then worked on some photo and school projects. I edited some photos of bull fighting for a Korean Magazine. Check out this photo below (I combined 5 pictures for this shot).

Filming for the cyber class felt enjoyable and gives me an excuse to act really corny and utilize ridiculous English phrases.


1. 1000 jumps
2. Strong legs
3. Tried using an extremely short speed rope (did not continue using it)

BORING [Jumping Rope Blogrimage: Day 24]

Yesterday I broke some personal records and today I broke one. I jumped 510 in a row. This isn't a huge increase, and I'm positive I can do more, but my legs don't want to be pushed too much. They need all the rest they can get.

My top abs are starting to show and my torso is taking on more of a v shape. This is good. The lowers abs seem to be more resistant to change, but I'm not in a hurry. Right now, my loss of body fat seems to primarily change my upper abs area. Since I can't directly spot reduce, this is encouraging and perhaps my lower abs will show next.

I am excited to start lifting weights, and believe I found a good routine for jumping and working out.

Today I tried running and failed. My joints forbid me from moving in those ways. This is not a good sign. At least I know I'm pushing my self.


1. 510 in a row
2. Limited Soreness
3. 1200 revolutions

NEW RECORDS [Jumping Rope Blogrimage: Day 23]

Greetings. Today saw much progress in me jumping. Surprising, considering the pain, that I was able accomplish as much as I did.

As far as body progress, I'm not seeing a ton--maybe it's so gradual that I'm just not seeing it. Since the BLOGRIMAGE started, I haven't done any weight training--just jumping and dieting with intermittent pull ups and push ups.

While In Japan I did not diet at all, and rightfully so. It'd be a shame to miss all that culture. By the way, if you haven't had Japanese Raman, you haven't had ramen. 

For the last week an a half I've been eating yogurt twice a day. It is said that yogurt with an active culture helps to lose weight and somehow spot reduces belly fat (though I find this hard to believe). The online reports are pretty consistent and so I've added this to my diet. 

Online reports are also consistent in weight training adding to fat loss. It speeds up metabolism and muscle burns more fat than fat (go figure). My journey for abs doesn't finish with this BLOGRIMAGE. Once this phase is over, I'll focus more on double unders, HIIT and weight training. 

It should be good.


1. 1300 revolutions
2. 44 double unders in a row
3. 500 fast jumps in a row
4. 1000 in under 9:30

DEEP ACHE [Jumping Rope Blogrimage: Day 22]

This BLOGRIMAGE is nearing the finish-line and my legs feel it. Now, it's as my calves contain a deep ache. Muscles typically burn during exercise, but now they ache. Adding to it is my joint issues. They hurt especially hard after I jump on concrete like surfaces--I think I've narrowed down the pain variable.

Day 22 already. Wow. I'm already considering my next journey (perhaps songwriting with my GF or building a Treehouse).

When this journey completes, I will most likely still jump rope. Everyday is a bit much, so I will rest way more often. I don't this much jumping is good for anyone. Though my legs hate it, I look daily look forward to jumping as it provides a nice break in the day (when I'm not doing it at 3am).



1. 1200 revolutions
2. Legs have a deep fatigue

BACK IN KOREA [Jumping Rope Blogrimage: Day 21]

Happy to be back in Korea. I had a blast and Japan, and like I said, it felt like a dream come true. With all the traveling I did today, my fatigue outweighs my will to entertain via this blog.

Up until this point I have remained faithful to the Blogrimage, but traveling limits the quality of my entries. This won't last for long.

In Japan, my friend Sarah Addy got the opportunity to DJ at a club. I took some picture and will post them below and above. She did a great job--it was her first time!


1. Travelled from 7:30 am until 9:30 pm (Tokyo to Daegu)
2. Jumped 1100 revolutions

PAINFUL JUMP [Jumping Rope Blogrimage: Day 20]

Very painful jumps today. Legs cramping, but ever so worth it.
After a night of watching my friend Sarah Addy DJ in a Japanese club and eating Ramen, I jumped in the windy cold night.ho

I'm so excited, though. In an hour and a half, I will celebrate the risen Son of God, Jesus, in the land of the rising sun, Japan, by watching the sunrise. I love HIS life.

1. 1100 Jumps

I DEFEATED JAPAN! [Jumping Rope Blogrimage: Day 19]

My dream of experiencing Japan came true today. Anime is a perfect representation of Japanese culture. I will explain later.

This entry is short once again, but know this: today I defeated Japan in Kendo. Watch the video for more information.


1. Defeated Japan
2. 1100 Revolutions

JUMPING IN JAPAN! [Jumping Rope Blogrimage: Day 18]

Last night, Amreitha and I left our apartments at 1:30 am in order to land in Japan at 2:00 p.m.

I went to the busiest intersection in the world and jumped it into submission! Now crossroads remain loyal to me, for I am the king of all intersections!

For those of you who don't know, I watch a lot of anime and had a lot of expectations for my first Japan trip. Japan is exactly as anime portrays it. In fact, the intro music for Naruto was playing when I walked into Japan.

We got here during a great time--the blooming of the cherry blossoms. I'll explain more of this later, but I'm going to bed now.



1. Jumped in the busiest intersection
2. 1100 Revolutions
3. Connected with Sarah Addy and Mya
4. Tried Sarah's rubber rope and experienced a greater speed

LIMBO [Jumping Rope Blogrimage: Day 17]

Tonight's post is short--it's a late night.

When watching the video posted above, please notice the limbo rope. The limbo rope is in fact my jump rope.

During lunchtime my boss asked me if we should do an all staff jump rope marathon to promote a charity. I said, "Yes, can we do it less than 13 days," for that is when the BLOGRIMAGE ends.

I want to keep this entertaining. Over the next few days, my posts may be brief but I can guarantee that they will be (at least the videos) of high entertainment.



Where would you like to see me jump rope?


1. 1300 revolutions
2. Worked under a heater
3. Used jump rope for limbo
4. Helped a Russian girl jump

LIVELY LEVITICUS [Jumping Rope Blogrimage: Day 16]

Just got back from leading a Bible study that landed on a lively conversation concerning Leviticus--what are the odds?

Since I've been in Korea, almost every Tuesday night has been Bible study. This study is really low key and more of a conversation around certain Scripture passages. One person shares a testimony, we read the Scriptures and talk about it, each person shedding a little more light. Then, the study wraps up with 2 on 2 prayer. Booya. The whole night is unassuming and I like it that way.

The Blogrimage is the same way. Come and join. Pick your subject, write at your own discretion and don't worry if you miss a day. People are joining with no real pressure appeals. More and more, I see the ministry of acceptance is the best way to preach holiness or Blogrimageness. More principles are caught than taught.

Since this journey started, several people contacted me publicly and privately about picking up jumping rope themselves. I love pressuring people into doing stuff, specifically with a mob or mog mentality, but I haven't done that with jumping rope. Still, jumping is increasing by "leaps and bounds." Just by living the life, I get questions and others who tell me they commit to the rope. More principles are caught than taught.


1. What Blogrimage challenges do you have for me?
2. What lessons have you caught?
3. What's your favorite part of Leviticus?

1. 1500 revolutions
2. Started eating yogurt
3. Failed jumping first thing in the morning
4. Wore the knee brace

50% CHILDREN ATTACK [Jumping Rope Blogrimage: Day 15]

50% BLOGRIMAGE complete!

15 days down and 15 days to go. Like most worthwhile scenarios, it's hard to believe how fast this BLOGRIMAGE has passed.

As you can view in the videos, I celebrated by attacking children. Just out of curiosity, how many children do you think I could defeat with my jump rope (you determine the conditions and rules)?

More than anything, this blog pilgrimage is going to help a lot of us realize that our potential is accessible. For 30 days we refused to sell ourselves short of short-term goals. That is, our lives are now dictated by what we can accomplish in 30 days or 30 years. Pure discipline drags us into great things. A gift stewarded properly could put anyone in front of kings, queens, presidents, prime ministers or even Symon Cowell.

To be honest, I'm already thinking of more Blogrimages. Some for 10 days. Some only posted once a week. If I can make time for jumping rope, why not have time to record songs, take voice lessons, build a guitar, learn how to make websites, create a stand up comedy routine, write a book, etc. The world is limitless with opportunity to those who wish to make the most of it.

If you would, please comment with tons of suggestions for future BLOGRIMAGES.



1. 1300 revolutions
2. 70 jumps on one foot (work challenge)
3. A few double unders
4. 3 children injured by rope

KITE FESTIVAL [Jumping Rope Blogrimage: Day 13]

Finally back home in Daegu after a nice break in Busan. With all the speedos, bath-houses (with no speedos or anything at all), seeing sites, shows and subway rides, I felt ready to head back.

Today I went to the largest bath-house in Asia (Heoshimcheong Daechung Hall). It has over 30 different pools, including a champagne and restaurant pool (I ate ice cream!). Still, with a capacity for 3,000 men and 3,000 women, I did not see one substantial six-pack. Amreitha and I saw a show called Jump (A comic martial arts performance) and one of the actors had a six pack. They are hard to find, elusive even.

My father told me that once you get a belly it's very difficult to get rid of and that I should try now. I heed those words dearly for I'm realizing how elusive the defined six pack really is. Funny how much I treasure my father's advice, in big and small issues, as life progresses. Little quotes, mannerisms and expressions constantly flow unintentionally through my life, all birthed from his demonstration. He's a great guy.

Anyways, I got a radicalish haircut today--fairly Korean. It's a mowhawk fade with racing stripes. Surprisingly, I like it a lot. I don't have pictures to put up yet. Take a look at the video if you really want to see.

Keep it real.

1. Jumped on the beach of a Kite Festival
2. Got a mohwawk mullet haircut with racing stripes
3. Jumped 1000 times
4. Went to the largest bath-house in Asia

KOREAN FABIO IN SPEEDO [Jumping Rope Blogrimage [Day 12]


Speedo. Today I jumped with a famous Korean man in a speedo. While jumping by the beach, I saw a man running in the waves with a camera crew following and old grandmas (ajjimas) laughing in the background. His clothing consisted of a gold speedo and a necklace (watch the video posted above). The show is called, "Surprise Me" on the SBS network. It looked to be something like Candid Camera or Jersey Sure.

I felt a little odd jumping on the beach. The cold harsh sea wind beat against my legs and Koreans gawked and tried holding conversations with me while I jumped. A Sri Lankan american wearing shorts in frigid weather and unimpressively jumping rope is apparently strange to these people. Though my actions seemed strange enough, it did not compare to this man, this Fabio. 

He possessed the aura of a famous man. He possessed the hair length and build of Romance Novel cover model. He possessed a speedo. 

As I watched him rhythmically running down the shorelines, I noticed a wave. Not the normal kind of wave you'd expect to see at the beach, but a wave from Korean Fabio, or Kabio. He waved and change course to approach me. "Hello! Would you like to try my jump rope," he said. A weighted jump rope! I was so excited to try one of these. They are surprisingly easy to use but hard to sustain. 

Surrounded by a film crew, old ladies and Kabio I realized that I found primary excitement in holding a weighted jump rope. I feel like such a nerd to be excited by such things in such circumstances. Have I taken this BLOGRIMAGE too far in my heart? Probably, but I like it that way.

I asked if Kabio would jump rope at the same time as me. It turned into a battle of America verses Korea. He yelled things like, "Behold the power of Kimchi!" and I lost. And on Thursday, all of Korea can watch on SBS. 

Thanks Kabio.

If it wasn't for this BLOGRIMAGE, none of this would have happened!


1. Jumped with a famous Korean in a speedo
2. 1500 Reps
3. Lost a jumping contest with the Korean fitness man
4. Various double unders and cross overs
5. Lost 4 pounds.

BY THE BEACH [Jumping Rope Blogrimage: Day 11]

Hello, I can't really blog a lot right now. I'm in Busan besides the beach again. Busan is hosting a Kite Festival this weekend so Amreitha and I decided to check it out. Tonight we are sleeping in a Korean Bathhouse (Jimjilbang). Cheap and luxurious.

Anyways, jumping is going well and so did this cheat day. I didn't go crazy (I learned from K. Schmidt). 

I jumped today in the morning and it felt good. I was barefoot in my room with the hard floor. My knee started hurting again. Most likely the pain originates from hard floor surfaces. 

Well, gotta go!

1.1100 jumps
2. Jumped in the Morning
3. Cheat day today

Blown Mind [Jumping Rope BLOGRIMAGE: Day 10]


"Just like jumping backward, virtually every Rope Turn and Resting Move can and should be done backward!"

My mind is blown with Jumping Rope as I ponder a cross-road. Looking at different jumpers around the world (competitive, freestyle and dance), blew open the limits of my jump rope perspective. Because of this, my abs may or may have not found an enemy. Trick jump ropers are like the bboys of dancing. The raw cool factor in their possession is lethal—like Joe Schmidt.

Plainly stated, a world of jumping rope is inhabited by tricksters, super athletes, incredibly cool looking people, normals and me.

You know how I am struggling with double-unders? Some people can do sextuplet unders. Six revolutions in one jump! Incredible. These highly skilled guys must have like 10 girlfriends each. So lucky!

For something that seems so lame, competitively, jumping rope is really impressive. Don’t believe me? Check out this video. Extreme!

Thus, my newly gained ab enemy. Because of all this extreme coolness, I kind of want to spend my BLOGRIMAGE learning tricks instead of defining abs. This would set everything off course! There are a lot of performing jumpers that possess undefined abs, probably because of an unhealthy diet or robbing God in tithes and offering—unlike Joe Schmidt.

In reality, the type jump rope style probably doesn’t determine the ab level. Food, water, rest and timing all play their parts. Maybe abs and tricks aren’t enemies.

In that case I’ll do both, it is a BLOGRIMAGE afterall.


1. 32 Double-Unders!
2. 1300 revolutions
3. 1 Double-Under Criss-Cross Jump
4. 1300 jumps
5. No issues with Knee (think the wood is making a big difference)


Alternate foot jump (speed step)

This style consists of using alternate feet to jump off the ground. This technique can be used to effectively double the number of skips per minute as compared to the above technique.